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Article by Tristan Dyer
London based actress Amy-Lee Hickman is no underdog in the industry. With a down to earth presence accompanied by a powerfully intelligent view on life, she took me through her journey from a child actress to the successful stance she now holds as she continues to evolve.

Hickman is an actress of the 21st century, displaying an abundant collection of varied roles that catapulted her to where she is today. The battle to success is an intense reality for actors with the challenging demand to further their careers with new and innovative roles. With murder mystery television shows gaining extreme popularity, 2023 offers endless opportunities to binge watch the eerie category.
Actress Amy-Leigh Hickman for AVER Magazine

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Brought up on the English coast of Hastings, Hickman’s interest in pursuing acting was first sparked when her grandad asked her, ‘what hobbies would you like to do?’ Following her intuition, she started taking classes at a local stage school where she was plucked from the crowd by an agent who showed interest in her talent. She swiftly embarked on television commercials which led to her joining a television series at the age of 10 where she spent half the year filming whilst continuing her school education.

A pinnacle moment presented itself where she was solely in the driver’s seat of her future, questioning if acting could be an ultimate career for her. From the ages of 10 to 18, she was a member of the cast of the Tracy Beaker series. ‘When I was 15 or 16 I realized that this is actually what I wanted to do properly. I ended up moving to London at 18 with no job and I didn’t know anyone but I thought I’d wing it and see if I can actually make a living of this. It was the best thing I ever did’, Amy-Leigh expressed.  When she crossed paths with Sheila Hancock, a powerful figure in the industry, Amy-Leigh asked her what her next steps should be. Shelia joyfully responded with the daring advice, ‘darling you’re so young just do whatever you want in that moment.’ Hickman expressed with wit in our call how, ‘It stuck with me and that’s what I’ve done’. ​​​​​​​

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Her recent work is the newly released season 4 of Netflix’s ‘You’, a suspenseful and riveting show to say the least where she stars alongside renowned actor Penn Badgley. The series is set in London where Hickman plays a literature student named Nadia who is a well educated keen young soul. When her professor Joe (Penn Badgley) finds himself caught in the middle of a whodunit, he calls upon Nadia for her advice and knowledge knowing she has a well informed and enthused interest on the topic. This births their friendship, which builds throughout the series as different events take place. The main character Joe is known for having a mesmerizing charm with a menacing obsession for those he takes liking to. We are sure to see the evolution of this haunting character in season 4 and the development of the sinister narrative his life has become over the prior seasons.

Amy-Leigh shared how she prepared for the role explaining, ‘I read a lot of whodunits and Agatha Christie which I never had done before which was really fun actually. A lot of bookstores didn’t have them, so I ended up finding random little old bookstores in London. I remember one book I was reading the pages were breaking because it was so old as I was reading it; I thought it was really cool. I can’t get down with the Kindles, If I'm going to read a book I like to have a book.’
Amy-Leigh Hickman from Season 4 of You on a Ladder

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Reminiscing on her roles in live theatre and the difference of being on set filming, she shared the daunting aspects that it demands. ‘When you’re on stage and it goes wrong, you’ve gotta wait for the next night to put it right again. In tv you’re always trying to keep your time schedule and there’s never enough time.’ ​​​​​​​
Amy-Leigh Hickman Interview for You with Penn Badgley

Silver top by Hildur Yeomans. Rings OMS by Olivia Madigan-Shea.    Photo by Macrae Marran

Looking forward into the future, we spoke of her interests and hopes for her career. ‘My plan is to have no plan; there is no clear path in this industry and you just don’t know where you’re going to end up. I know that I love making people laugh and I love comedy which I would love to do more of. During lockdown I watched so much comedy because there was so much noise going on in the real world and I just wanted that constantly in my house’, Amy-Leigh expressed. ​​​​​​​
Actress Amy-Leigh Hickman PhotoshootActress Amy-Leigh Hickman Photoshoot

Red dress by Paula Knorr. Earrings by Moushe. Shoes by Di Minno.   Photo by Macrae Marran

Actors of prominent stature, such as Amy-Leigh, must confidently take on the mantle of a role model to the succeeding generation. Embarking on acting at such a young age, she has time on her side with the lessons she learned throughout the years. Her modest advice was expressing how, ‘I feel like the next generation are thinking about things a lot more, over thinking things, and that is because there is so much more accessible online. The key to surviving in this industry is to not think about things. You want to be able to be serious but not take yourself too seriously.’

Reflecting on her grounding as a person, Hickman considers herself, ‘organized, a good friend and loyal.’ Tackling life with unguarded humility, it’s clear that her philosophy of seeing where the wind takes her has created a healthy mentality to reach further heights. ​​​​​​​
Writer/Interview Tristan Dyer @tristandyer
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