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Agile and angelic, actress Harriet Slater has a modest depth that undeniably provokes her keen following to keep a close watch on her next ventures as her career embellishes to extended lengths. Establishing a notable and prominent role in the sophisticated and cinematically stimulating series ‘Belgravia: The Next Chapter’, she is not only one to watch but she is one that has caught the eye of many avid fans of period piece dramas. As a history enthusiast herself, it only fits that her natural appeal to stylized genres of an antique era are idolized. And yet, there is still more in store for the actress to eclectically reveal.

Dress by E. Stott; earrings by Rachel Boston; ring by Lanvin  Photo by David Reiss

Taking her first step into the theatre world at the age of six, Harriet was a natural performer in front of a live audience, which is where she founded her embedded talents over the course of years. Her next venture was to embark on drama school to further her studies and enhance the grounded nuances she already had developed. “Live theatre is where it all began and that’s where the passion for acting was nurtured. Screen is amazing, but it’s a completely different job in a way,” Harriet expressed in a reminiscent tone.

Suit and shirt by Bella Freud; earrings by Lylie Jewellery   Photo by David Reiss

With a career that coexists on stage and screen, Harriet shared her thoughts on the contrasting dynamics and challenges they both entail. “On the screen you don’t have the pressure of having an immediate live audience there; if something messes up on stage you have to get yourself out of it or pray that one of your cast members will rectify it. You also don’t get the immediate response on screen that you get with theatre which is amazing. When performing live theatre you get a different audience every night and they make the show a different experience and you feed off each other. You will know if it’s a good show because you’ll feel their reaction where as on screen you have no idea how it’s going until it is edited and out there. There’s a slight disconnect, and it feels like a private thing with screen acting; it’s nerve wracking and exposing at times sending it out into the world and hoping people will like it.”

Dress by Zimmerman; earring and ring by Yoko London   Photo by David Reiss

Focused on the art form of cinema as a whole, there is a wholesome beauty to Harriet’s balance of understanding of how she selects roles. “I am attracted to good writing and well rounded characters that have depth to them and seem relatable that have something I can grasp onto.”

Suit and shirt by Bella Freud; shoes by Manolo Blahnik; earrings by Lylie Jewellery   Photo by David Reiss

Currently stationed in historic Glasgow, Harriet is well in her stride filming her next compelling project, where she joins the cast of ‘Outlander: The Blood of my Blood’ for their upcoming season. “It’s such a well known universe and my character is so cool to play; she means a lot to people so there is a responsibility to do her justice”, Harriet reflected.  With most of the cast living in a new territory during the filming season, Harriet divulges how they have become a family and are having an enthusiastic camaraderie on and off set.

A frame from 'Belgravia'

“It is such an unpredictable industry, you have no idea where the job is going to take you”, Harriet preaches as she reflects on her new horror film ‘Tarot’ and how she got the role, continuing, “I got the job on a Monday and flew out to Serbia that Wednesday; it definitely keeps things exciting.” ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Dress by Zimmerman; earring by Yoko London   Photo by David Reiss

‘Tarot’ is a screen adaptation of the 1992 novel ‘Horrorscope’, by Nicholas Adams, that follows a group of friends on their unpredicted journey to renting a house in the mystical Catskills. Discovering a box of tarot cards the group is seduced and/or threatened with each different card drawn for each individual. The result overtime succumbs to a gruesome outcome of death and unwilling misfortune. A true supernatural horror film that encompasses innocence and sorrow.

A frame from 'Tarot'

With a devoted and intuitive drive to learn and grow, Harriet is a gentle soul that embodies a mediative touch to her charisma. As far as what the future holds, Harriet aims to achieve further success in varied roles. “I hope I am still working across different genres and that’s what I love about the job, it can take you so many different directions and I learn so much from each experience.”
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