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Jim Sturgess is no novice when it comes to acting, singing and song writing. Having shared the spotlight with actresses such as Anne Hathaway and Katie Holmes, the grounded and composed Englishman more than knows how to graciously hold his own. Exuding a serene and endearing charisma, he and I unpacked his voyage to where he is today as he guided me through his early years and what made him pursue his diverse career. ​​​​​​​

 Suit by Dries Van Noten; shoes by Manolo Blahnik. Photo by Lee Malone

Now 45 and based in London, Jim reminisced about his first taste of acting.  “Acting came through being in school plays; the big turning point in my life was when a local theatre company came to my school and they wanted some kids to be in a professional production, where my name was put forward.”

This was a pinnacle moment for him, as traditional academics were not his forte. “I struggled at school and definitely wasn’t a good pupil by any means; I was distracted normally and being disruptive,” Sturgess openly admitted. The theatre program injected a new zest of character in him as he gave his full attention to the task at hand. “I was at the front, focused, interested and engaged; everybody realized how much I enjoyed it. I remember feeling very happy and excited to be there. I don’t remember feeling that about anything before that time.”​​​​​​
Jim Sturgess photographed by Lee Malone by a window

 Suit and shirt by Richard James. Photo by Lee Malone

Jumping ahead years later, his innate calling to the theatre was brushed to the side. He lost interest in burnishing his acting talents and refused to be in any of the school plays. However, this did not suppress his creative attributes, as music made a welcoming entry into his repertoire. “Bands and music became my identity; it’s your lifeline to another world. When I was fifteen, I was asked to be in a band; we didn’t think about anything else for years; it became our life. Life revolved around being in this band.”
Jim Sturgess in an alley for AVER Magazine

Coat, pants, and shirt by Paul Smith; shoes by Manolo Blahnik. Photo by Lee Malone

During his adolescence in the 1990’s, there was much influence from the thriving R&B scene intersecting with punk music. The duality allowed him to discover his own sound.

His soon to be released album is titled, ‘Common Sense for the Animal’. It is promised to be an eclectic array of tracks, each with its own identity. “I wasn’t afraid to dive into whatever the song needed. I would write a song and then write another one completely the opposite. I was always inspired by beats so that’s how I’ve always constructed music and broad cinematic soundscapes. It was interesting to find a way to unify it all so it was cohesive,” Sturgess expressed.

Jacket, pants, and shirt by Applied Art Forms; shoes by Manolo Blahnik. Photo by Lee Malone

After taking a hiatus from song writing for four years, Jim moved houses and dusted off his piano. Having gone through an emotionally low time in his life, there was a desire to obtain an outlet where he could embark on a cathartic release of this burdensome period. “Once I started, my brain switched into another gear that had been dormant for years and the floodgates opened,” Sturgess recalled.

Jacket and shirt by HUGO. Photo by Lee Malone. 

While busy with music, Jim’s acting career has not taken a pause and is continuing to advance and flourish. ‘Apartment 7A’ is his new feature film. It’s bound to capture a large audience for its release in 2024. The psychological thriller is a convoluted prequel to the well renowned 1968 film ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ which gained great praise and is regarded as a cult classic. Based around a struggling Broadway actress, played by Julia Garner, Jim talked about the extensive preparation that he undertook to develop his character. “It was a golden ticket to look into devil worshiping and witchcraft; all the stuff you wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable diving into.” ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Jacket by Paul Smith; pants by HUGO. Photo by Lee Malone. 

What’s next for Jim? Living by the ethos that anything is possible, it is apparent he has handed the future over to the universe whilst he focuses on the moment.

“I feel excited and proud that I made the record and it exists; it’s an amazing feeling when you put it out there and it feels like a real thing. It’s wild that it didn’t exist and now it exists. It’s been really nice to collaborate with people I love and respect the most. It’s given me a taste of what makes me feel good.”

 Suit by Dries Van Noten; shoes by Manolo Blahnik. Photo by Lee Malone

Please see Jim's latest video below: 
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