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Nestled in a secluded corner of her favorite cafe in the trending south west London village of Clapham, Lizzie Annis pours out an excitable ‘hello’, instantly displaying a tone of modest confidence. 2022 has launched the actress into new heights of her career where she has more than held her own with an evident natural adaption to the combative industry. One can only wonder and marvel at what it takes to reach her degree of prominence, something that is not inherited through osmosis, but a talent that is applauded after years of hard work. Annis has proved that patience is a grounding part of the process and explicitly shares intimate facts about her journey to success in her profound breakthrough year.
Lizzie Annis - star of The Witcher: Blood Origin

Lizzie wears a blazer by LETOIT, earrings by Miphologia jewelry, and a necklace by AU79     Photo by Macrae Marran

Annis notably birthed her personable talent when she debuted in Jeremy Herrin’s ‘A Glass Menagerie’ at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London. This demanding role gained her critical acclaim, receiving nominations as ‘Best Newcomer’ in not only the Stage Debut Awards but additionally the prestigious Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

During our conversation about her experience on live performance, Annis spoke fondly of music and the transportation it has within oneself. This played a big part in navigating nerves before a live show and monitoring her channeled emotions towards a character. ‘Music was really important to me,’ she shared, ‘it’s such a fundamental part of what it evokes and the subjectivity of reflection; I had my playlist I would listen to before the show. It taps into a part of us that can connect directly to the character.’
Lizzie Annis Actress

Dress ANY OLD IRON, Earrings SAAD COLLECTION    Photo by Macrae Marran

‘I learned a run of a theatre show is a living organism in itself and is forever changing and ever evolving; things grow every single night which is such a beautiful thing, it’s liberating. Our characters took the lead and we would see where they took us and what they revealed to us.’

Her television debut came on Christmas Day where she starred in ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ playing ‘Zacaré’, one of a pair of celestial twins who were born under the same burning star. Being a prominent character in the series whose powers are a dominant force in the world of The Witcher, Annis expressed that her character has a ‘rare and special magic, who is fiercely determined and underneath that she is incredibly loving with such a big heart.’
Lizzie Annis played Zacare in The Witcher: Blood Origin

Dress ETHEREAL LONDON, Earrings and Ring MIPHOLOGIA JEWELRY    Photo by Macrae Marran

Intricately examining her role as ‘Zacaré’ to reach clarity with this compelling character, Annis thoughtfully reflected, ‘She has such certainty and quiet confidence in her own power; completely and utterly unapologetically herself. Seeing a disabled character written in this way was something so special and rare; I learned a lot from her in the way in which she takes up space and moves through the world. She’s magic in more ways than one.’

Annis enthusiastically expressed how the energy of being on set was ‘wonderful.’  She shared how she is, ‘so deeply fortunate to work with this team and cast, an environment that was filled with love and support with a real sense of family.’
Actor Lizzie Annis in a teal suit

Blazer and Trousers GR LONDON PARIS, Shirt KATA HARATYM, Earrings AU79    Photo by Macrae Marran

Unsurprisingly, the spark of her joy and excitement for acting came at a young age. Priding herself in having a ‘wonderful and incredibly supportive family,’ Annis grew up in south west London where theatre summoned her and fortunately she was provided an ease of opportunity to develop her passion by living in such a rapidly progressive city. She swiftly joined a drama club that was quick to evoke passion and fluidly led to being involved in a youth theatre. During this primitive period Annis shares with me an inbuilt sincerity that she, ‘Really learned respect and investment in the craft; respect for the process.’ Gliding forward she continued to infuse herself with theatre, joining drama societies during her college years. 
Actor Lizzie Annis in London

Blazer LETOIT, earrings Miphologia jewelry, necklace AU79     Photo by Macrae Marran

A remarkable note that is a prominent part of Annis’ acceleration is her eagerness to project her voice about her journey with cerebral palsy and hopes for the future for those with disabilities. In many different forums and shapes of hardship that we as a world proceed to tackle, it is the ones that are in the playing field that serve a unique voice of their own, entities that can ultimately make a change.

‘One of the driving forces of wanting to become an actor and to step into the industry was the passion I have about making sure that people with disabilities are seen and represented. I'm a firm believer that if we can’t see it we can’t be it.’
Actor Lizzie Annis in a London Window

Dress ETHEREAL LONDON, Earrings and Ring MIPHOLOGIA JEWELRY    Photo by Macrae Marran

Annis assertively shared that she could only think of one example of a disabled actor on screen that she could look up to and admire for her own ambitions to come into fruition. ‘I didn’t see myself projected in the stories that we tell that has a massive impact in terms of what we believe we’re capable of. I wanted to be a part of what I hope is going to be a positive change, a change that has already begun and I feel honored to be a part of it. There is a long way to go and a lot of work to do, but we are really turning the tide. Diversity inclusion only ever enriches the stories that we tell and is an invaluable and essential part of the future of our industry. I’m excited to see how it unfolds.’

Tapping into the core of Annis’ guiding advice to the next generation, her visceral reaction was demandingly wholesome. ‘I know it’s difficult to be exactly who you are, but bring it to the work you do. Remember your value and what you have to bring and actively remind yourself of that. Whatever angle we come at the world from, that angle is valid, vital and important; it’s enriching. It may open a window of insight for someone out there. It’s difficult and still something I am learning; I don’t anticipate that stopping. We all need to be open to the fact that we are constantly and consistently learning.’

In her closing statement after our gratifying interview, the rising star joyfully said, ‘I’m always open to the fact that there will be something that will shed new light every single day.’ After a radically successful year, 2023 only presents further growth where supporters will anticipate what will be revealed as we observe the world of Lizzie Annis as it peels back and unfolds. 
Writer/Interview Tristan Dyer @tristandyer
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